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Tasteas was established in Sioux Falls in 2017. We strive to bring the fabulous taste of tea , smoothies and Thai rolled ice cream to everyone.


We're brewing fresh authentic tea base daily to make various tea drinks : Milk tea, Fruit tea, Smoothie, Fruit soda, Asian yogurt drink (no tea mixed), and some of our Thai rolled ice cream, you can definitely tell in the taste. The delicious fresh Bubble Waffles Sundaes and Savory Waffles (Waffle Sandwiches) that make Tasteas a unique profession waffle & tea house.


Thai rolled ice cream -- also known as stir-fried ice cream -- is a global phenomenon of ice cream delight. 

Our creme anglaise is made fresh in-house daily and with no preservatives or flavoring. It's the freshest form of ice cream that you can get right now, because everything is made right in front of you and everything is made to order. Each order is topped up with your choice of toppings. 

Bubble Tea is a relatively recent phenomenon from Taiwan. Its sweet tea and chewy “bubbles” has captured the taste buds of the young American demographic. It entered American markets through California, where it is simply known as Boba, but has become known as Bubble tea in New York. Boba originates from Chinese slang that refers to the tapioca as boobs. In proper Chinese, they are called pearls. Therefore bubble tea can be referred to as Boba milk tea and Pearl milk tea.


Bubble waffle also name Egg Waffle is a popular street food in Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Waffles are made from a different kind of batter, cooked in a “bubble” waffle maker, you can fill egg-shaped waffles with various little foods . You’ll see these rolled into a cone or bowl shape and filled with ice cream and toppings.

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